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Shine from within with Kanekalon- Beauty for everyone

Kanekalon has a large share of the market for hair products.
We contribute to a vivid life graced by fashion and a more abundant life for people around the world.

Shine from within with Kanekalon-Beauty for everone

Corporate contributions in Africa

Recent years' economic growth in African countries has resulted in increased annual sales of hair products. Hair extensions and wigs are just another part of fashion for many women. Kaneka's goal is to offer products that help women pursue beauty and safety, and by increasing our development and marketing of products that match the hairstyles of African women, we are also creating jobs. Moreover, we support the growth children and their dreams for the future by donating a portion of sales proceeds in Africa to the school meals program of the United Nations' World Food Programme.

Support for the Hair Wear Beauty Program

Our Kanekalon division provides support to the Hair Wear Beauty Program, a social action initiative to contribute to fashion in daily life. By offering hair products (hair wear), it enriches people's everyday fashion, and it uses hair wear to provide mental support to people who have suffered hair loss due to medical treatment. We are working to develop innovative products and create a hope-filled future.

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